Dogs love to sniff while walking


Flowering plants and verdant bushes are nature’s “perfume” and an invitation to take a walk with your dog and furry clients.

As dog lovers and professional pet sitters, we know the importance of daily exercise for all dogs. Not only is a walk an opportunity for dogs to relieve themselves, but more importantly, it’s mentally stimulating for them to absorb all those enticing smells. When outside of their home, dogs are able to smell other dog’s “litter” and send signals to each other in the process.

With close to 300 million olfactory scent receptors in their noses, dogs can tell if the other dog is male or female, sick, or in heat. Male dogs especially will add their deposit to the community “puddle” and lift their back leg high enough to ensure it’s at the next dog’s nose level. Often, they will scratch the ground to further spread their personal scent, its group email!

Dogs don’t have to be specially trained for scent work to employ this natural talent. All dogs follow their nose with superior assessment abilities. Rather than rushing through the walk, stop and smell the roses together.

Why is this important, especially if you are in a hurry to get to the next client or be home in time to cook dinner for hungry humans? Dogs find odors desirable. 

This includes smelly socks and shoes, armpits, mouth odor (good or bad) and other familiar smells that we emit every day. Sanitized odors are less desirable, including the sterilized smells in a veterinarian clinic.

Every walk should be a “sniffari” for dogs. Make each moment count!


Your AoPP team