Whether you’re working independently or managing a team of sitters, it’s important to thank your clients -the diesel fuel for your business!


Easy ways to express your gratitude for include: a personal email, hand-written note by mail, newsletters or social media posts expressing your thanks. Simple phrases include:

  • “It was a pleasure caring for (pet’s name).  We hope to hear from you again, when your plans require my/our unique pet care services”.
  • “It is a pleasure each day that we are able to care for (pet’s name). We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with you and your furry family.”

Ideally, you have a website that captures email addresses via a “lead generation” technique on your site.  If not, you can organically grow an email list by asking your clients to be included in your email campaigns and store those emails in a contact program, such as Mailchimp https://mailchimp.com/ or Constant Contact https://www.constantcontact.com/.

This simple sentence can be added to your client follow-up: May I/we add you to our monthly newsletters in order to keep in touch?” Pet Pro Tip: Mailchimp is free up to 2,000 emails.

NOTE: The CAN-SPAM Act prohibits unsolicited electronic (email) messages, so always obtain permission before you send marketing-oriented emails to clients. A host of dos and don’ts govern these business practices as detailed @ https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business.

As you grow your list, this is an efficient and effective way to routinely stay in front of your clients at little cost to you.

Other Inexpensive and Stand-Out ways to Thank your Clients:

Pet sitter Thank you idea for clients


(1). A small bouquet of flowers left in the home. Buy a cheap vase at Goodwill or a Dollar Store and consider Sunflowers (due to the size of their blooms, you only need a few to make an impression). Estimated cost: $6.00. 

(2). Flower seeds in a bag-with-bow. This is a seasonally appropriate way to send your client’s a special thank you for very little cost. Using Avery Bag Toppers (template #22801) and flower seeds, insert one or two packets of seeds in the bag and seal with your printed message.

Use a paper punch to cut a hole at the top to insert ribbon or jute for a bow. You can find the template to create your special message at Avery.com.

Use A9 Greeting Card envelopes for the right fit as you add your client’s address and send! Our message:                                                                                      “Your business keeps us blooming!”

Estimated cost for 40 bags including postage: $2.48 each:

  • Avery labels #22801 (includes 40 bags & toppers): $19.00.
  • 1 roll of Jute Ribbon (9.5 mn x 5.4 m): $4.00
  • Seeds: 22 Garden Variety pack @ Walmart.com: $14.99 + tax
  • Book of Stamps (20 to a book): $11.60
  • A9 Greeting Card envelopes: $23.00 (100 count)

Pet sitter Thank you idea for clients

You can alternate with other bag inserts and messages also.  Ex: tea bags with the message: “Thank you for being a tea-riffic client!” or a small bag of nuts with the message: “We’re nuts about you!” These bulkier items can be hand delivered to avoid the cost of added postage.

(3). Have a friend or staff member take a video of you (and/or staff) where you personally express a gratitude message: “Sending good thoughts and thanks. Have a happy day!” Pet Pro tip: Keep the video to less than 2 minutes. Don’t glam up for the “shoot”. (Dog or cat hair on your clothes keeps it authentic)!

There are many ways to thank your clients.  Get creative and incorporate special thank you messages throughout the year. Every client counts! For additional inspiration, read this great list of gratitude messages @ https://hipinvites.com/thank-you-messages/

Thank you for your dedication to the pet-sitting profession and all you do to pamper other people’s pets! It’s a life well lived with a lotta love!

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Your Pet Pro Team @ AoPP