Inflation is walloping our wallets and to offset the rising cost of consumer goods and gas, rent and household expenses, folks are looking for extra money-making opportunities to stem the tide.

Inflation can be a dream killer for retirees and those on fixed incomes. Families are working harder to make the house payment and keep food on the table. For those fortunate to have a savings account, 401k or other assets those statement balances are akin to a bad dream as values erode with tsunamic ferocity.

Fortunately, we live in a gig economy which allows for part-time or “when-I-want-to work” opportunities in many sectors that don’t require a lot of capital investment or management experience.

A great build-back-my-nest-egg job that doesn’t require much dough to launch is PET SITTING. The average pet sitter works from home, visiting dogs and cats on their turf.  Suit and tie not needed nor recommended!

Pet sitting is rewarding

According to, “over 50% of U.S. households own a dog” (63.4 million houses = 89.7 million dogs) followed by cats and they need to be cared for when the owners are away.

As a successful loan officer for 30 years, I found myself in a similar economic panic in 2008. The real estate market had crashed big time and I was adrift with serious concerns about my financial viability and future career path.

Serendipitously at the same time, I was caring for two dogs that belonged to a friend.  I had two of my own, so with 4 dogs camping out in my home, I took stock and realized “this is fun, I should charge for this”!  Before I knew it, I had 10 dogs per day hanging out with me and my then 10-year-old son. He and his friends were my assistant dog walkers. Word spread quickly that devoted dog owners could park their pups in my home, cage-free with tender loving care and a host of Boy Scouts to walk them.

pet sitting is fun

Fast forward, I am the proud owner and concierge of a thriving pet care business in the greater Phoenix area.  We have expanded to a team of 40+ pet sitters with various pet services on the menu.  We are truly nannies to the furry children in the family and having a ball. We are Mary Puppins and more!

There’s nothing sexy about scooping up dog litter, nor running around town with dog hair and slobber on your pants and shoulders.  Yet, there is a magnetic vibe that only dogs can provide. Studies have shown that a dog’s presence lowers our cortisol levels and heightens our oxytocin release (that “feel good” hormone). It’s a win-win.

New-to-the-game pet sitters don’t have to hire staff or form an LLC to enjoy the fruits of pet sitting on the side. Starting small with daily dog walks and cat visits could be a good segue to extra lunch money and an easy way to discover how fulfilling it can be. It may help stem the tide in this tumultuous economy and surprise you in ways you haven’t thought of.

Dogs and (some) cats are just happy to have your loving paws on them when their owners are away for the day or longer.  They don’t care what you look like nor what your skill sets include. If you love animals, have owned pets in the past, currently own a pet, raised children (or still have them in the home), want to control your schedule and supplement your income, pet sitting can be an engaging side job if you take it seriously.

how to be a dog sitter

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About the Author: Tori Levitt is the Owner & Concierge of Doolittle’s Doghouse, serving pet owners in the greater Phoenix and surrounding cities.  She is also the founder of this new trade association, The Association of Pet Professionals; a member-based platform for pet sitters to grow in their professional journey.  She authored a humorous book that peeks inside pet sitting and the amazing revelations about dogs in “The World According to Dog; Amusing Life Lessons Taught to Us by Dogs”, on Amazon.


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