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The Association of Pet Professionals (“AoPP”) members provide pet care services to prospective clients in their community. Pet sitters join professional associations to expand their skills and knowledge when caring for other people’s pets.

Our Membership Directory is available to assist members in advertising their services while also helping pet owners locate pet sitters in their area.

AoPP assumes no liability in connecting pet owners with pet sitters. The interview process is critically important to determine the best fit for you and your pet’s needs.

Sample questions and suggestions when interviewing a prospective pet sitter are listed below.

What is your pet sitting experience?

  • How long have you been pet sitting?
  • What types of pets have you cared for?
  • How much time do you devote to pets vs outside interests or other jobs?
  • Are you CPR/Pet First Aid trained?
  • Do you carry liability and bonding insurance?

These questions specifically address a pet sitter’s experience, how long they’ve been providing pet care services, the specific types of animals they’ve cared for, if their services are part-time or full-time, their level of expertise and if they carry pet care insurance to cover unexpected occurrences, such as injuries or property damage.

What services do you offer?

Pet Sitters may specialize in daily walks and visits, provide boarding in their home and/or pet and house care in the client’s home. It is important to identify what services they offer to ensure the pet sitter can accommodate your specific needs.

Do you have references?

If your prospective pet sitter has a business profile on Google or Yelp, it is helpful to check their client reviews. They may also be active on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Take a moment to review their social listings and posts.

Having an active social presence is not the ultimate litmus test for a pet sitter’s qualifications. It is simply an easy source to search and assist you in your review. You may also ask your prospective pet sitter for client references.

Do you have a Pet Sitting Agreement/Contract?

Professional pet sitters will have a contract to outline details of their services and expectations for both sitter and client.
Many pet sitters have software programs to capture important pet details and allow you the opportunity to digitally complete specific instructions for your pet’s care needs.

At a minimum, written notes that cover your pet’s care needs, including feeding, medications, health conditions, behavior (likes/dislikes), training and potty protocols and family veterinarian is important to share. Designating an Emergency Contact person to act on your behalf is helpful; in the event you cannot be reached in an emergency.

Schedule an advance “meet and greet”

Following your due diligence, the most important aspect of your pet sitter review is the personal interaction with you, your prospective pet sitter, and your pet(s).

The meeting venue may be in your home or theirs, depending on the service type.

You know your pets best and they will let you know how they feel about the sitter! Whether or not you own a dog or cat that is fearful or skittish when first meeting a new human, how your pet sitter responds to them (and vice versa) is an important “tell” in addition to the questions and research you have vetted in advance.